National Autism Plan

Ottawa, ON – Today, Roman Baber, candidate for Leadership of the Conservative Party of Canada, announced his commitment to a National Autism Plan.

“1 in every 50 children in Canada are diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder, and the rate is climbing” said Roman. “It is time for these families to stop going to court, holding rallies, and sharing their most personal challenges over and over again. They deserve better. Families are tired with consultations, they want meaningful, accessible treatment that is equitable across the country.”

If elected as Prime Minister, under Roman Baber’s National Autism Plan:

  • $500 million per year in new federal funds will be budgeted for treatments (i.e., Applied Behavior Analysis, Occupational Therapy, and Speech Language Pathology)
  • Additional funding will be provided to improve diagnosis, surveillance, capacity building, equitable access to treatment services, as well as housing and employment opportunities
  • Canada will make Autism a shared healthcare priority and enter into bi-lateral agreements with each province and match their funding for treatment relative to the proportion of children and youth living with autism in each province

“On the eve of Autism Awareness Day, I’m calling on our nation to much more than raise awareness for autism. The time is now for action to improve the lives of individuals with autism and their families.”


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